An injury indicator describes a health outcome of an injury, such as hospitalization or death, or a factor

known to be associated with an injury, such as a risk or protective factor among a specified population.

Statewide, centralized electronic vital statistics, hospital discharge, and emergency department data are used to calculate the indicators. It is important to keep in mind that the quality of the Injury Indicators is dependent on the completeness and accuracy of external cause-of-injury coding found within individual state and U.S. territory data sets.


General Injury Indicators


NCPIC developed in collaboration with CSTE and annually updated recommendations, including coding changes, are found on the NCIPC website.


Exploratory Indicators


These indicators are developed by CSTE Injury Surveillance Workgroup members with the purpose of exploring ICD-10-CM code groupings not included in the CDC General Injury Indicators.


Drug Overdose Indicator


This indicator was developed in 2018 in collaboration with NCIPC. For current updates, refer to the NCIPC Drug Overdose Data Dashboard & Alerts.