Jurisdiction Level Vulnerability Assessment Toolkit

Spatial Epidemiology
  • Spatial Epidemiology Methods

Oregon Vulnerability Assessment Project

Information provided by Pickle, 2019. Viral Hepatitis Program Acute and Communicable Diseases.

Oregon’s County-Level JVA provided a thorough example of spatial epidemiology using a variety of choropleth map approaches, as introduced above. Oregon used multiple methodological approaches beginning with a high number of key indicator variables that were eventually reduced in a backward stepwise regression model until only significantly associated variables were included.

Illinois Vulnerability Assessment Project

Illinois undertook their JVA to inform work at the state level to conduct prevention activities, such as working with local health departments to develop jurisdictional response plans. The State leveraged national (e.g., Census Bureau) and local data sources (e.g., I-NEDSS; vital records) to derive 30 independent variables to test for association with the outcome of interest, HCV infections in individuals less than age 40.