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Zika Resource Repository

The threat of Zika virus disease—and consequent need for preparedness—has become a top national public health priority. Population movement, climate change, expanding vector ranges, and viral movement across borders and hemispheres have all abetted the virus’s emergence. To further the response to this new threat in the United States, CSTE has compiled a reference document to help epidemiologists, laboratorians, entomologists, mosquito control officials, clinicians, and other public health professionals better understand the nature of the challenge and to boost their capacity to develop and implement evidence-based prevention and control strategies. This Zika Virus Preparedness Resources Toolkit covers a broad range of relevant topics:

  • General background information and tools
  • Epidemiology
  • Data management
  • Laboratory guidance
  • Maternal and Child Health guidance
  • Vector research and management
  • Policy statements
  • An Appendix explaining acronyms and abbreviations

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