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• Limited resources, data science, and informatics expertise are available to support public health

            Developing the public health data superhighway requires confronting the new landscape of health data
            collection, storage, and sharing. As the public health community, stakeholders, and policymakers seek to
            transform the nation’s public health surveillance system, key principles must be considered.

            Five Key Principles to Transforming the Nation’s Public Health Surveillance System

                 1.  Enterprise approach to data systems modernization
                    with new federal funding to enable CDC and state, territorial, local, and tribal health
                    departments to develop a core data exchange infrastructure. Funding must be sustained to
                    maintain and upgrade the public health data superhighway;

                 2.  Interoperable data systems
                    within public health, and between public health and health care to seamlessly exchange
                    data on the public health data superhighway;

                 3.  Security to protect patient data
                    by adopting policies, transparent privacy practices, and security measures to defend and
                    prevent cyberattacks;

                 4.  Workforce that is prepared for the Information Age
                    to build, implement, maintain, and use the data systems that comprise the public health
                    data superhighway;

                 5.  Partnership & Innovation with the public and private sectors
                    to build and maintain the public health data superhighway and establish leading-edge
                    public health data systems and processes.

            High-quality and timely data give us a blueprint to address public health threats, pinpoint action to
            protect the health of the nation, and are essential to solve the health problems our nation faces. We can no
            longer afford to let public health threats outpace the limits of our public health surveillance system. The
            technology is available to develop the public health data superhighway, but new approaches and sustained
            investments are needed to get public health out of the slow lane and to improve the health of the nation.

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