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Subject Matter Experts

            This report would not have been possible without input and contributions from the following
            Public Health Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). We thank them for lending their time to support the
            development of this report.

              Molly Crawford, MBA                                 Jennifer Rakeman, PhD
              State Registrar                                     Director and Assistant Commissioner
              Office of Vital Records                             NYC Public Health Laboratory
              Minnesota Department of Health
                                                                  Lou Saadi, PhD
              Annie Fine, MD                                      Director and State Registrar for Vital Records
              Medical Director                                    Bureau of Epidemiology & Public Health
              Reportable Disease Data, Informatics and            Informatics
              Analysis Unit                                       Kansas Department of Health and Environment
              Bureau of Communicable Diseases
              NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene         Tom Safranek, MD
                                                                  State Epidemiologist
              Kate Goodin, MPH                                    Nebraska Department of Health & Human
              Director                                            Services
              Surveillance Systems and Informatics Program
              Tennessee Department of Health                      Denise Toney, PhD
              Mark Jarrett, MD, MBA, MS                           Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory
              Chief Quality Officer and                           Services
              Associate Chief Medical Officer
              Northwell Health                                    Sara Vetter, PhD
                                                                  Manager, Infectious Disease Laboratory
              Tim Jones, MD                                       Minnesota Public Health Laboratory
              State Epidemiologist
              Tennessee Department of Health                      Leslie Wolf, PhD
                                                                  Laboratory Director
              Oliver J. Kim, JD, LLM                              Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness
              Adjunct Professor of Law                            Laboratory
              University of Pittsburgh
              Mousetrap Consulting

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