What is the SRCA?

The State Reportable Conditions Assessment (SRCA) is a web-based assessment of reporting requirements for conditions that must be reported by clinicians, laboratories, hospitals, and others to public health according to jurisdictional laws.

Ongoing since 2007, the SRCA collects publicly available information on what conditions are reportable in states, territories, and other large jurisdictions and who is required to report them. The reporting requirements are established by each jurisdiction’s laws and regulations.

How is SRCA data used?

SRCA data are made publicly available in a national repository of information that can be used by public health, researchers, and healthcare providers. Data maybe used to inform:

 In which jurisdictions is a condition reportable?

Categorized by state, who is required to report and in what timeframe?

Reconciliation of state reportable conditions with nationally notifiable conditions (NNCs)that appear in the tables for the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report each year.

CSTE uploads the data to the SRCA Query Tool for public consumption and utilizes feedback from users to improve future iterations of the SRCA andrelated query tools. The SRCA Query Tools have options to view and download SRCA data from 2007-2010, as well as 2015-2016 SRCA data. Please note that due to the usage of different data collection methods and tools, the data from various iterations of the SRCA may vary in appearance and formatting within the query tools.

For questions about the SRCA, please contact srca@cste.org.

Query Tools to Access SRCA Data



*We are currently rebuilding the query tool for these data. For data inquiries, please contact srca@cste.org

SRCA Data Collection Portal *COMING SOON*

These SRCA data collection portal is intended for public health agency access only and is not accessible to the general public.